3 point bush hogs

See a Bush Hog in Action!

This 3 point bush hog cleared this entire field in a few hours. This area had not been cut in several years. All work was completed with a single tractor in a single day.

WARNING: some of the behavior in this video is not to be done with your bush hog, this is the manufacturers video where they were testing performance and durabilty. Do not try at home.

3 point bush hogs are a great way to recover overgrown land, but safety is very important with machinery. Use extreme caution and all appropriate guards when cutting.

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3 Point Bush Hogs

Most land owners that own more than an acre or two of land have some of that land covered in thick brush or thickets. When the time comes to clear this land of overgrown brush and briars it is a job that can't be done with a standard lawn mower, or by hand, it takes a special tool. A 3 point bush hog is an attachment that goes behind a tractor and is powered by the PTO shaft. A 3 point bush hog rotates two large blades and will provide a rough cut in overgrown areas that haven't been maintained for long periods of time.

Bush hogs are one of the best attachments you can have around, and no one makes a better 3 point bush hog than Everything Attachments!

When grass isn't mowed for long periods of time, not only does the grass get unmanageably tall, but the new growth of small trees and briars. These trees can be up to 2 inches in diameter, and the briars can seem impenetrable. A standard lawn mower does not have the power needed to cut down these trees, nor the size to effectively clear out the brush. The advantage of a 3 point bush hog is that it can be lifted to around 2 feet off the ground, giving it plenty of clearance to go over briars and small trees.

The key to a good bush hog is the blades and stump jumper. The stump jumper is a large pan that mounts directly to the output shaft of the gearbox, and is shaped to lift the bush hog over hard objects that it can't cut through. The blades are thick hardened blades that are beveled to an edge on one side. The mass of the blades is what allows them to easily slice through materials that other styles of mowers simply can't. The main deck of a bush hog acts as a shield and helps keep the material around the blades until it is small enough to pass under the rear guards.

While a 3 point bush hog will not leave your land as cleanly cut as a finish mower will, it can cut down thicker areas of overgrown brush and start the process of turning unused land into beautiful extra lawn space or a pasture for livestock.

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